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20 things you should stop doing immediately to lead a happy and productive life.  

Personal views of a pathologist

Dr Sampurna Roy MD                 




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1- Stop judging people without knowing the whole story.

2- Stop taking things personally. You are not so important and everyone is busy with their own lives.

3- Stop spreading hate based on caste, colour, race, religion or political beliefs.

4- Stop criticizing and hurting people to gain attention or just for entertainment.

5- Stop using people for personal gain or attack people who are different from you.

6- Stop holding on to an old grudge. Learn to forgive and forget.

7- Stop running after power and money. Don't trample on feelings and destroy lives just to achieve success.

8- Stop trying to change the world. Change starts at home.

9- Stop being arrogant.If you are an expert, be modest and quietly do your work.

10- Stop reviving a friendship that is over.

11- Stop getting angry if you are unable to get what you want.

12- Stop unhealthy competition and being a control freak.

13- Stop giving unsolicited advice, if you are not asked for it.

14- Stop being unhappy and sad for things which are not in your control.

15- Stop wasting time on people who play no role in your personal or professional life.

16- Stop being too busy that you have no time for family and friends who really matter.

17- Stop saying “Yes” to things and people you don’t want in your life, because you are too polite to say “No”. 

18- Stop disturbing and poking people who are busy doing their own business and are not interfering with your life.

19- Stop neglecting your own health and daily routine because you are too busy keeping track of others.

20- Stop reading this post if you don’t like the author.


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Dr  Sampurna Roy  MD

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