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22 reasons why everyone likes a Pathologist:

"Medicine is not a Profession, it is a calling".

Dr Sampurna Roy MD           July 2016


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1) Passionate about work:

Pathology is an intellectually satisfying profession and all pathologists are passionate about their work.

2) Ability to work under pressure:

Pathologists are less likely to complain of burnout.

3) Happy Family Life

Their work never interferes with family life. They spend quality time with their children. Pathologists have lowest divorce rate. They cherish the relationships that matter.

4) Strong Visual memory:

Pathologists have a strong visual memory and less likely to forget even a rare case they have reported once. This also means they don't easily forget faces of people they have met only once.

5) High intelligence quotient or IQ:

Pathologists are good at correlating clinical findings and solving difficult puzzles. They enjoy investigating every aspect of a case. This character trait also reflects in the way they assess  personality, attitude, and values of a stranger. They are usually a good judge of human character. They keep their distance  from narcissists and rude people.

How to Avoid Turning Into a Jerk When You're Surrounded by jerks (Lifehacker)

6) Character:

Pathologists are likely to be patient, courteous and less likely to lose temper, panic or make hasty decisions. They never let their ego stop them from making a big decision. They never make sarcastic remarks and are always happy at the success of their friends and peers.

7) Don't need publicity and branding:

Pathologists are cautious when using social media. Many senior pathologists and academics are using social media like facebook and twitter, but they are carefully protecting their reputation on public platform.  Some expert pathologists don't have any profile picture and do not reveal anything about their real life. Some have also changed their name. I know some gems are hiding behind those twitter eggheads.

8) Power of observation:

Diagnosing a difficult slide requires a keen power of observation. A malignant cell can be hiding in one corner of a slide or hidden behind dense inflammatory cells. This power also helps them to identify toxic people wearing false mask of friendship.

9) Teaching and learning:

They love to teach and learn new things. Digital pathology is  fun and exciting. Many pathologists are happy to learn new things about technology from friends.  

10) Spread happiness:

Their happiness and optimism is contagious and everyone around them is more productive.

11) Research:

They often take time out to do research, work on digital projects or write a book.

12) International traveller:

They enjoy traveling to exotic places, learn about different culture and are less likely to discriminate people based on race, religion and physical appearance.

13) Healthy and fit lifestyle:

They take good care of their own health.  Even if they fall sick they don't announce it to the whole world to gain unwanted sympathy. Why would someone write cancer survivor or disabled in their twitter bio and then start fighting on social media ?

14) Enjoy privacy:

They are less likely to smoke, drink or take drugs and they donít reveal much about their personal life to strangers. Privacy is key to the success and happiness in their life.   

15) Good sense of humour:

Pathologists have a good sense of humour (remember all the funny acronyms given by pathologists) but they know where to draw the line.

16) Artist and designer: 

Pathologists see pretty colourful patterns everyday.They are all artists and designers at heart.   

17) Generous:

They are generous by nature and help people whenever possible.

18) They are the Boss:

Pathologists always work on their own terms and never take orders. This only means throughout their career they lead a stress-free, satisfying professional life.

19) Happy retired life:

All retired pathologists are wealthy, happy and lead a peaceful life with their children and grandchildren.

20) Make time for hobbies : 

Lucky pathologists make time for new hobbies like blogging, drawing or playing a musical instrument. They manage to relax in the middle of a busy working week. 

21) Optimistic:

Pathologists live in the moment and are eternally optimistic.

22) Participate in voluntary service:

They are happy to work in slums, and always ready to help orphans, destitutes and street children. 

September 10th was celebrated as world suicide prevention day.

According to a report more than 400 doctors commit suicide every year. 

This is a shocking statistic that can change the way you think about medical profession in some countries.

Why Do Doctors Commit Suicide? - The New York Times

When doctors commit suicide, it's often hushed up

Stress means 8 in 10 senior NHS doctors could retire early

NHS workplace stress could push 80% of senior doctors to early retirement

Given the state of the NHS, it's no wonder doctors are burnt out


Be a Pathologist, and enjoy every moment of your life.

From a happy pathologist who is working on weekends and likes to scribble on her websites.

Dr Sampurna Roy MD


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