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A CATCH-22 Situation. 

Catch 22 Syndrome   

Dr Sampurna Roy MD


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Chromosome 22q11 deletion or CATCH 22 is associated with DiGeorge syndrome, conotruncal anomaly face syndrome, and velocardiofacial syndrome.

CATCH 22 syndrome is a medical acronym for multiple abnormalities, especially cardiac defect .

[CATCH 22 syndrome: Cardiac defects, Abnormal facies, Thymic hypoplasia, Cleft palate, and Hypocalcaemia resulting from 22q11 deletions.]

C =  Cardiac defects,

The following Cardiovascular anomalies may be present  -

Ventricular septal defect ; pulmonary atresia ; Fallot's tetralogy ; aortic valve stenosis ; atrial septal defect ; tricuspid atresia ; hypoplastic left heart syndrome ; persisting ductus arteriosus ; pulmonary valve stenosis ; complete (third degree) atrioventricular block ; Ebstein's anomaly, tachycardia and enlarged right atrium.

A =  Abnormal facies,

T = Thymic hypoplasia,

C =Cleft palate, and



H =Hypocalcemia,


The basic embryological fault in these disorders is an inadequate development of the facial neural crest tissues, resulting in defective organogenesis of pharyngeal pouch derivatives.

In chromosome 22q11 deletion syndrome, a small deletion of band 11 of the long arm of chromosome 22 is best seen by fluorescence in situ hybridization.



Further reading:

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CATCH 22 syndrome: report of 7 infants with follow-up data and review of the recent advancements in the genetic knowledge of the locus 22q11.

Asymptomatic extreme hypocalcemia in a 29-year old woman with CATCH 22


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