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Alphabet Project For Histopathologists:

Each letter is related to the microscopic features of a basic benign or malignant lesion. 

Dr Sampurna Roy MD          July 2016


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       Histopathology Art Series


AA = Adenocarcinoma



B = Basal Cell Carcinoma


C =  Carcinoid



D = Dysgerminoma


 E = Ewing's sarcoma
 F =  Fibroadenoma





 G = Giant Cell Tumour


H =  Hibernoma





I= Interstitial Pneumonia


 J = Juvenile Polyp



 K = Keloid
 L= Lichen Planus



M = Molluscum Contagiosum
N= Neurofibroma




O =  Osteoid Osteoma
P = Paraganglioma





 Q = Q Fever


R = Renal Cell Carcinoma





 S =  Squamous Cell Carcinoma
 T =  Thymoma





U =  Urticaria Pigmentosa
 V = Verruca Vulgaris




 W =  Whipple's disease
 X= Xanthoma   





 Y=   Yolk Sac Tumour
 Z = Zoon's Balanitis 





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