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Pathology Cartoon of the Day -

Pathologist checking Facebook at Work:

Dr Sampurna Roy MD


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Pathologists! Please do not check social media at work.


Laughter is indeed the Best Medicine -  Doctors should not lose their sense of humor.

A doctor with good sense of humor is a blessing to his patients. Research showed that laughter and humour can cut down anxiety, improves quality of working life and prevent job burnout. Laughter and humor creates an effective health care team.  Sharing a joke with medical colleagues helps in stressful situation. Humour creates strong bond of friendship and makes us more humble and compassionate. It makes the working place pleasant and drives out negativity.

I love creating cartoons and often send them to friends in my profession.

Before sketching or creating a cartoon I keep the following things in mind:

1) Am I unknowingly offending someone with an inappropriate joke? Example: Making fun of a handicapped person is quite disgusting.

2) Am I expressing political views in my cartoons ?   

3) Am I hurting religious sentiments of any community ? Religion is a very sensitive issue. Mocking and making fun of any religion is not a creative expression. It reveals hidden bias and anger of a person ?  

4) Am I being passive aggressive and taking pleasure in the suffering of others?

5) Am I being racist or sexist ?

6) Am I being insensitive, arrogant  and rude ?

7) Am I trying to spread hatred in a friendly medical community?

8) Am I trying to hide my own insecurities by making fun of others and expressing them in form of cartoons ?

9) Do my cartoon characters swear and use four letter words ?

10) Will I be comfortable to show the cartoons to my family, children and parents?

It is better to make fun of myself and my own profession than to hurt someone from a different profession, race or religion.

Finally, every cartoon and medical post in my websites are exclusively for pathologists and medically qualified doctors.


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