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Pathology Cartoon of the Day -

15 signs you are a Millennial Pathologist

Dr Sampurna Roy MD       


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1) You are tech-savvy and have instagram and pinterest account for gross and microscopic photographs of all your latest pathology cases.

2) You changed the dictum from "publish or perish" to blog or perish.

3) You want pathology medical examination system to change from long boring essay like answers to short sweet answers with "140 characters".

4) You frantically update your LinkedIn profile everyday. Your profile starts right from when you first kicked your mother in her womb. You updated your profile few minutes ago and bragged about your successful skype video consultation with your patient.

5) You judge your trainees on the number of retweets they get for every pathology related tweets.

6) You get furious with your junior staff and residents, if they don't "like" your facebook posts and secretly hope they will fail in the exam.

7) You use #pathology #histopathology hashtags in all your text messages.

8) In your medical publications you use the name of your twitter handle.

9) You don't wear lab coat as it is known to spread infectious disease. You secretly want to wear shorts and T-shirt while reporting slides in summer.

10) You organize live telecast of pathology conference on social media and post  dozens of group photographs to highlight your awesome pathology training. Yet you failed to train enough homegrown variety.

11) You have dozens of "labfies" - (selfies in lab) with your microscope.

12) You are bold and not afraid of real life or cyberstalkers. If anyone makes you angry you are ready with your smart phone to click photographs and post it online and use hashtags #stalker #bully #troll. It is possible the person is completely innocent. 

13) You fixed multiple successful tweetups with patients you met online and encourage everyone to "build relation" with strangers in social media, give them phone number, snapchat id and then meet them in real life.

14) You use "foursquare" to let the world know about your every movement (may be even your bowel movement).

15) You write retweets are not endorsement as you are convinced that you are the best doctor in social media.


Final Pathology Diagnosis :  "You are an internet addict, sociopath and suffer from "FOMO".


" Never forget 3 people in your life - 1) Who HELPED you in bad situation. 2) Who LEFT you in bad situation 3) Who PUT you in bad situation - Unknown


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