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Clock Face Cells:

Clock Face Chromatin Pattern of Plasma Cells in Plasmacytoma and Mutiple Myeloma

Dr Sampurna Roy MD      


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Plasmacytoma is a collection of neoplastic plasma cells.

It may present as a solitary lesion or may occur in the setting of multiple myeloma.

Multiple myeloma is a highly malignant primary tumour of the bone marrow.

It is located in red bone marrow sites (vertebrae, skull, ribs and end of long bones) and consists of  multiple soft red nodules which cause destruction of the bone.

Marrow is replaced by plasma cells some of which appear abnormal.

Characteristically, the nucleus is at one pole of the cell. The nuclei show the  "clock-face" chromatin pattern clearly, abundant basophilic cytoplasm and a paranuclear pale hof.


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