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Dr Sampurna Roy MD                 October  2015  

Ask these 15 questions to yourself and find a solution to your problem:

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The practice of medicine can give tremendous personal and professional satisfaction. Few careers provide the opportunity to have such an intense effect on the lives of others and to derive meaning from work.

As doctors we choose this difficult and tiring task to change the lives of patients facing serious health problems. We experience the joy of making the process of healing easier and support those patients for whom medicine does not yet have curative treatments.  

Despite its virtues, a career in medicine is challenging for many doctors. It can lead to substantial stress for the individual doctor and their family.

Dozens of senior doctors are taking premature retirement. Unfortunately, some have also committed suicide.

Burnout syndrome is a serious occupational hazard. Occupational stress and burnout can cause insomnia, depression and anxiety.  Doctors working for 90 to 100 hours per week, including weekends are usually exhausted and are putting patients' lives at risk.

The association between work environment and suicidal thoughts have been examined among male and female doctors.

Ask these 15 questions to yourself and find a solution to your problem:

1) Do you dread going to work on Monday mornings?

2) Do you spoil your vacation by thinking of work and shudder at the thought of pending work?

3) Do you always feel the need to look tough even when you know something is wrong with your working schedule?

4) Are you under the impression that you are the only one suffering and no one else has similar problem?

5) Do keep silent at time of distress and refuse to show your vulnerability to your peers and friends?

6) Do you have frequent  extreme, uncontrollable emotional outbursts?

7) Have you started drinking alcohol or using other drugs?

8) Are you too tired to play and help with the homework of your child?

9) Are your juniors in the hospital afraid of your bad temper and avoid asking you for help?

10) Do you think hobbies are a waste of time? Do you write, keep a regular blog, play music or paint ?

11) Do you think life is all about give and take and earning more money is the one and only source of happiness?

12) Have you become more cynical and sarcastic over the years?

13) Do you dislike socializing and hanging out with friends outside your profession?  Do you remember when you last said "Hello to a school friend" ?

14) Do you neglect your health and suffering from diabetes, hypertension or heart disease?

15) Do realize that people around you are unhappy with your performance and behaviour?


Doctors should set an example of good health to the patients and inspire future generation of doctors. To provide excellent care to the patients, they should be alert and interested in their work. It should be a lifelong goal to have a healthy work-life balance.

Good luck

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