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Location of Brain Tumours - A new puzzle for Pathologists

Dr Sampurna Roy MD     


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A quick pathology puzzle for students, residents and other senior doctors.

This is a multicoloured section of the brain with different types of tumours.

We all know tumour location plays an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient with intracranial tumours.

In this diagram the names of the tumours are hidden in the location. Can you solve this easy puzzle?



1) and 2) Meninges 

3) Cerebrum 

4) Pineal gland

5) Pituitary stalk

6) Pituitary gland

7) VIII cranial nerve

8) Pons

9) Fourth Ventricle

10)Vermis of the cerebellum

11) Cerebellum


Answer :


1) Extracranial Extension of Meningioma

2) Meningioma

3) Gliomas of Cerebrum -

   a) Well differentiated astrocytoma

   b) Anaplastic Astrocytoma

   c) Glioblastoma Multiforme

   d) Oligodendroglioma


4 a) Pinealoma  

4 b) Germinoma

5) Craniopharyngioma


6) Pituitary Adenoma


7) Vestibular Schwannoma or Acoustic Neuroma

8) Pontine glioma

9) Ependymoma

10) Medulloblastoma

11 a) Cerebellar Astrocytoma (children)

11 b) Hemangioblastoma

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