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I forgot my to-do list and made a new list - A pathologist

Dr Sampurna Roy MD          



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Every night I make a list of important tasks I have to complete the next day.

Today was another busy Tuesday morning.

I had finished reporting the urgent second opinion cases marked for my attention.

Next on my list was to select some interesting slides for digital photography.

I had already made an outline for today's post  which I was planning to write in the evening.

Ooops ! Suddenly one of my dearest med school friend dropped in with a broad grin. I was stunned and not sure how to react.

She is a busy gynaecologist and I expected her to be in the OT at 11.30 am. 

She looked calm, relaxed and in a mood to have a long chat and lunch with me. Ouch!  I was about to panic.

My friend laughed when I told her about my list of work for the day. Her reaction was "it sounds like a grocery list to me".   

I was not pleased! She looked at my face and giggled.

Then she repeated the dreaded line - "Work Smart not Hard".

She told me some secrets to stay productive and achieve more everyday without a to-do list.

I quickly made a list of what she said.

1)  KEEP AWAY from all forms of social media - twitter, facebook blah blah blah blah. Social media is a great place for teenagers and kids to have fun. Don't waste your time doing something you don't enjoy anymore. Priorities and responsibilities change with time.

2) Network with real life peers and not with strangers even if they are from the same profession. Don't just chat about your profession. Talk about anything not related to your subject. Face to face chatting with friends can have a soothing effect.

3) Take breaks from clinical practice and chill out with your family.

4) Unplug from all digital devices for one week every month.

5) Take a vacation abroad without broadcasting it to the whole world. You will be more creative and get more ideas from different people you meet.  Visit museum and art galleries.

6) Read more books and journals.

7) Keep a diary and jot down anything interesting at the end of the day.

8) Draw a free hand diagram on a paper and fill it with different colors. Then try it out on the computer.

9) Take care of your health and sleep for atleast 7 hours at a stretch.

10) Everyone is busy yet they are all managing to complete their work in 24 hours, so stop complaining that you are busy.

11) Laugh more often and take tons of selfies for special people in your life.

12) Write for yourself only and don't expect it to be a masterpiece.

Those were some wise words from a successful doc who has written 3 books, published in more than 50 peer reviewed journals and got a personal blog for fun. She was a high school beauty queen and instead of being a model she decided to be a doctor.

Unfortunately, I have not finished today's task after the sweet interruption. Now I better go to sleep. Have to get up at 7 am which means 5 hrs sleep. 

Goodnight !



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