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 Pathology Cartoon of the Day

A series of Cartoons for Pathologists

 Dr Sampurna Roy MD


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Cartoon 22:

This Pathologist knows the trick to avoid Junk Food



Cartoon 21 :

Santa Claus visits this Pathologist every year



Cartoon 18:

This Pathology Resident knows all the Twitter abbreviations



Cartoon 15:

Novels by Charles Dickens are like Medical Books



Cartoon 12:

Pathologist checking Facebook at Work



Cartoon 9:

Second Opinion in Pathology



Cartoon 6:

Undergraduate and Postgraduate  Pathology training



Cartoon 3 :

Busy Pathologists





Cartoon 23:

This Pathologist wishes everyone a happy and successful 2016



Cartoon 20 :

This Pathologist is preparing for her Post-Graduate Medical Exam



Cartoon 17:

Pathologist "Frozen Section" is a serious matter 



Cartoon 14:

Three Faces of Multinucleated Giant Cells in Pathology



Cartoon 11:

Pathologist-Patient Interaction about Infective Endocarditis



Cartoon 8: 

15 signs you are a Millennial Pathologist



Cartoon 5:

There are no toxic people in this world



Cartoon 2:

Pathologist and her Cats














Cartoon 19:

This pathologist supported "World Toilet Day"




Cartoon 16 :

Pathologist please avoid public relation blunder



Cartoon 13:

Pathologist working in a Family Friendly Hospital



Cartoon 10:

Pathologist and a Catchy Acronym




Cartoon 7:

Pathologist-Patient Interaction



Cartoon 4:

Eat more Carrots




Cartoon 1:

Pathologists don't depend on cell phone to give the results of urgent reports




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