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 "Food for Thought" - Food and Pathology

  Dr Sampurna Roy MD  


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For a pathologist it is absolutely essential to have a strong visual memory and the power to recognize various patterns.

Pathologists have used many interesting metaphors related to common objects like food to describe some of these interesting patterns.

In the medical literature there are hundreds of metaphors related to cereals, fruits, vegetables, sauce, milk, and cheese.

I will highlight only few metaphors which are commonly used in certain infectious diseases.







"Sandwich sign" is used in dermatophyte infection where the hyphae are sandwiched  between normal and abnormal layers of cornified cells"   

For more information visit Pathology of Dermatophytosis



In Typhoid fever  patients pass severe green-yellow stool which has been described as "Pea-soup diarrhea"

 For more information visit Pathology of Typhoid Fever



The term racemose means "bunch of grapes". Racemose cysticercus is characterized by large arborizing "grape-like" mass in the brain.

For more information visit Pathology of Cysticercosis




  In Klebsiella Pneumonia thick blood tinged sputum is described as "red currant jelly"

For more information visit pathology of Klebsiella Pneumoniae





"When your gallbladder becomes a fruit". - What is a "Strawberry gallbladder" ? Find out


Dermatopathology patterns that remind us of something else

Hope you enjoyed my culinary journey through the world of Pathology.



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