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A photo essay to explain removal of small diseased organs:  Enjoy!


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Doctor are you using social media ?     



 "Brain you are intelligent I will show you how each one was causing damage by not carrying out their function."







 1st -  Gallbladder was removed.

Doctor said to the gallbladder -

" You are an important organ, your boss is the liver. You forgot that! A good gallbladder is an asset to the body. Your normal functions include -

1) Concentration of bile  2) Acting as a reservoir for bile

3) Changing the reaction of the bile  4) Cholesterol excretion and 5) Secretion of mucin.

Instead of carrying out your duty you wanted to impress everyone with some colourful stones which caused excruciating pain. I had to remove you to protect the patient.

You were on your way to cause more damage like perforation, peritonitis, gangrene, empyema, obstructive jaundice, liver failure, intestinal obstruction and even carcinoma."

" Goodbye''





 2nd- Appendix was removed.

Doctor said to the appendix - " A good appendix plays an important role in immune mechanism.

It protects the patients from bad germs by creating and protecting good bacteria.

Unfortunately, you are a bad appendix who is always angry with the patient.

You were causing trouble for a long time by attacking in the early hours of the morning, awakening the patient from sleep.

Finally, you threatened to burst. I removed you at the right time before perforation."

" Goodbye''


                        Normal Tonsils

Enlarged, inflamed tonsil with peritonsillar abscess


3rd- Tonsils were removed:

Doctor said to the tonsils

" You are nature's first barrier to bacterial infection.

As adult life approaches good tonsils tend to atrophy.

You began to enlarge in size and started attacking the patient. 

There were recurrent attacks of acute tonsillitis and peritonsillar abscess which caused extreme pain. 

The only option was to remove both the tonsils."

" Goodbye''



 Unerupted wisdom tooth


 4th - The Wisdom tooth was removed.

Doctor said to the Wisdom tooth (Third Lower Molar) - "What is in a name?  You came late (in teens or early twenties) and created too many problems.

You are usually unable to erupt (Impacted Wisdom Tooth) due to adjacent tooth.

The unerupted part is the site where food debris collects, resulting in infection.

It spreads to the cheek and sometimes neck.

Trismus (clenching) is often present.  No need for your "Wisdom".

It is time for you to go !






Thank you doc. Now I understand why you removed them from the body. They deserve to go, unfortunately I will never see them again.


Wrong. In pathology everything is of value. You can always see them. These are excellent teaching material for medical students.  They will be preserved in formalin as museum specimens.



Museum for Medical Students:




 1) Gallbladder with stones                 2) Acute Appendicitis


3) Wisdom Tooth                  4) Acute Tonsillitis


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