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Dr Sampurna Roy MD























































Honey - Thick Sweet Liquid with Health Benefits















Alien Hand Syndrome- Bizarre neurological disorder










Laughter is no joke: Can laughter kill you?




























Chimera - The Magical History of Tissue Transplantation





Pathology Photo of the Day - Baboon and Skin Disease

Baboon Syndrome




Pathology Photo of the Day - "A CATCH-22 Situation"


CATCH 22 Syndrome




Pathology Photo of the Day - A CANDLE




Pathology Photo of the Day - Cloves and Newborn




Curse of a jilted lover - A Pulmonary Disease. "Ondine's curse"




Pathology Photo of the Day - A Broken Heart -

Yes your heart can literally break!  




Cow's Den - Cowden's syndrome





A story with images-Lambert - Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome    





A story with images: Clues to 4 pathological conditions hidden in the images.





Beware Ladies! -Hazards of Oral Contraceptives





Impressive Macroscopic Specimens for those in Love with Pulmonary Pathology              




Adverse Effects of Smoking on Cardiovascular System (Infographic)




A story with images: Clues to 8 pathological diseases

Solve the puzzle




Dermatopathology patterns that remind us of something else




Doctor with terminal illness - When cancer is not a death sentence.




Chocolate: The Allure of Pleasure Food- Chocolate Craving is a psycho pathological disorder  




"Brr! It's so cold outside" - Human body responses to cold and hypothermia




Toast to your health this festive season? Be careful!


Dangers of  "Holiday Heart Syndrome" and other complications of Chronic Alcoholism




Pathology of Cadmium Poisoning


Cadmium is a known Human Carcinogen




Mercury: Keep away from Toxic Heavy Metal

Pathology of Mercury Poisoning





Deadly Deep Sea Diving-

Pathology of Decompression Sickness- Caisson disease





Falling Sick in the Mountains - Pathology of Altitude Related Illness.





Hippocrates - Father of Medicine

A brief review of his contribution to Medicine and the 'Theory of Humour'




Alice in Wonderland Syndrome : The disease and the story of Alice's Adventures




Pathologic Calcification - Dystrophic Calcification and Metastatic Calcification

Abnormal calcium deposits.     




Achilles: The Tendon and the Hero of the Trojan War   





Ebola: The deadly virus strikes again!




Is your dog a health hazard? Hydatid Disease.





Vibgyor Urine! Pathology of Urine Color

































































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