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Pathologist - Enjoy a perfect weekend and learn to create your own website.

Dr Sampurna Roy MD                             June 2016 



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How do pathologists spend there weekends and holidays?

It depends whether you are the boss or an employee.

Some lab doctors are expected to work on Saturdays.

On weekdays most employed pathologists are free by 5pm.

If you are lucky to be the boss, you have the freedom to enjoy life on your own terms and let your employed doctors do all the work. 


These are some of my favorite ways to relax, recharge and have fun. May be you can try some these on weekends if you feel overworked.


1) Go for an early morning stroll in the garden and avoid the temptation of taking pics for instagram. "Although I take snaps all the time."

I have the privilege of living in a house with a large beautiful garden and many trees. It is almost like a forest with hundreds of multicolored flowers.

There is a small children's playground with swing and slides, all inside a secured house with dozens of security guards. 


2) Sit under the shade of a tree and read a book.


3) Take a  bubble bath or go to the spa. The best spa of the city is few steps away from my house. Sometimes it is important to splurge on yourself.

6) Say your prayers and light a few sandlewood incense sticks. The aroma will fill the room. It creates a beautiful, ethereal ambience.

7) Meditate

8) Listen to folk or classical music. 

9) Play with little kids.

10) If it is hot summer like now in India, eat lots of fruits, veggies and fresh juice.

I enjoy cold coffee with ice cubes topped with a big blob of ice cream.

11) Look at your family vacation photographs. If you are a world traveller who has visited more than 50 countries, you must have many personal pics to enjoy.

I find it very relaxing. It is also a great time to plan a mini vacation.

11) Call up a friend and have a long chat.

12) Give your maid, cook and other domestic workers a holiday. Do everything with your own hands.

13) Delete all e-mail from the inbox. I get more than 30 e-mail everyday.

I ignore nearly 80% of these mails.

15) Watch a funny movie and laugh with everyone .

16) Write a new post for your website.

17 ) Delete twitter, facebook and other social media apps from your cell phone.

It is so distracting.

90% senior doctors don't use Twitter or facebook, so clearly these are not relevant in India. 

According to my med school friends who are now working in USA  "Doximity" for medical professionals is more useful to them.

Some important points about creating and maintaining an Indian Medical websites: Do you have a personal website?

1) It is always difficult for a doctor in India to keep an updated personal website.

We are not geeky doctors.

Sometimes we feel lazy after a tiring day.

2) Keep a group of close medical friends who will help you with writing and updating all the sites.

3) Learn to sketch, paint, create cartoons. It is always fun to do something different.

4) Write a short blog post late in the evening. Sleep early and get up at 6am in the morning, post your new content in your website and go out for jogging.

5) Even if your post consists of 140 words, write it for your own website.

6) Tell your friends to upload something in your website everyday, even if it is only a picture with a headline.

7) Update few pages of old posts everyday. Don't force yourself to do anything because you have to, but because you want to

8) You are a citizen of India with estimated 1.28 billion people.

Mobile Internet users are approximately 213 million.

However, 90% medical students still use desktop and laptops to access free medical content.

Your readers are primarily from India and other developing countries.

Create "free content" for the junior pathologists and med students.

Inform about your websites to doctors in the local medical association, GPs and all your med school friends. 

Make sure that your website can handle high amounts of traffic.

Like Indian road traffic, most Indian websites have high traffic.

Don't bother about search engine ranking of medical sites (Google or Bing) in India.

There are excellent Spanish, German, Taiwanese and Japanese websites written by great pathologists, which you will never ever find with a search engine.

9) You will enjoy creating websites if you take it as a hobby. It is like painting or playing a musical instrument.  

10)  Never post your content in the social media. Majority of the Indian students, junior pathologists are not using social media. Do what is best for your readers.


Wow I woke up at the right time.   Posting at 6.30 am


Good morning.  Have a great weekend.     



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